DAYTON, OH –  Quiktron, a manufacturer of fiber optic and copper cable assemblies for the datacomm and telecommunication industries, announced a new bend-tolerant fiber optic cable assemblies product. These cables are designed to improve performance of fiber networks by significantly reducing system attenuation, which commonly causes system unreliability and downtime.

Because bend-tolerant fiber optic cable assemblies experience minimal signal loss with bends as small as 7.5mm, they give fiber technicians and engineers increased flexibility in installations of fiber cables. They improve the performance of fiber networks in local area networks and data centers where attenuation is caused by cable bends around equipment and cable management systems. Just one bend in the cable can create enough signal loss to cause network downtime, but bend-tolerant fiber cables significantly reduce bend-related attenuation and make it easier to install and troubleshoot the fiber network.

“As high-density fiber networks become more widely adopted, the need for cabling technologies that provide performance and reliability is critical to continuing that growth,” says Bill Diederich, president of Lastar, parent company of Quiktron. “As one of the first companies to offer a bend-tolerant product, we are committed to making it easier for customers to implement these new fiber technologies.”

Additional features:

  • Product lines for both single-mode and multimode connectivity
  • 7.5mm and 10mm minimum bend radii cable available
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet performance over 300m and 1 Gbps performance over 1km
  • 50?m Multimode 10Gb ISO/IEC OM3 compliance
  • Single-mode ITU G.657A and ITU G.657A/B compliance
  • Corning Gold jumpers made with 100 percent Corning components
  • Q-Series Bend Tolerant jumpers are domestically manufactured using the highest quality components.