LAS VEGAS – Active Ethernet vendor Allied Telesis introduced a new line of 1 and 10 gigabit FTTx solutions, the SwitchBlade x3112 FTTx switch platform, along with a 24-port fixed-optics gigabit service module and 6-port 10G service module for its iMAP 9810 intelligent Multiservice Access Platform.

“Recent stimulus awards are driving demand for 1G Fiber-to-the-Home and 10G mid-mile solutions,” says Dael Bartlett, director of product marketing, Allied Telesis. “Customer reaction to the SwitchBlade x3112 has been extremely positive and we see this product delivering the performance service providers are asking for with FTTx deployments.”

The SwitchBlade x3112, currently in trials with customers, is the first in a new series of access chassis solutions targeting the growing FTTx market. It represents a joint development effort between the carrier access and enterprise switching research and development teams. The result is a next-generation service provider FTTx platform that uses the widely deployed carrier-grade iMAP operating system.

The SwitchBlade x3112 is a chassis-based Ethernet switch with 12 slots supporting any combination of 100/1000 optical Ethernet, 10 Gigabit optical Ethernet or Power over Ethernet (PoE) service modules. For FTTx services, 24-port 100/1000 SFP-based modules provide full bandwidth customer connectivity. Four-port 10G modules are typically used in a redundant configuration for high-throughput connectivity to the core of the network. Support for Ethernet Protected Switched Rings (EPSR) combined with redundant management fabric controllers deliver a true high-availability solution. The SwitchBlade x3112 also features an 800 Gigabit switching fabric providing non-blocking wire-speed performance to every port while redundant hot-swap power supplies ensure carrier-class reliability.

The new cards for the older iMAP platform include the GE-24, a 24-port, fixed-optic bi-directional (BiDi) 1G card using a single slot, and the XE-6, a 6-port 10G aggregation card intended for FTTx applications. They are designed to be used in the iMAP 9810 platform, which features 10G to each of its eight slots and high-throughput CFC100 controllers as a high-density FTTx solution in a compact 3RU chassis. The iMAP 9810 is temperature-hardened for use in outdoor cabinets, NEBS3 compliant and RUS listed.

Video Applications for High-Speed Networks
Allied Telesis is also showcasing over-the-top (OTT) IP video applications designed to offer service providers new opportunities for revenue generation and customer engagement. With hosted applications including bedside concierge, IP video surveillance and IP digital signage, Allied Telesis has worked with tier-1 partners to develop new applications that help monetize bandwidth for service providers and open new opportunities for reaching customers.

Bedside Concierge (Lincor Systems) – Lincor MEDIVISTA is a server-based system providing communications, entertainment and clinician services to the bedside, accessed from a personal touch-screen tablet from which a patient can access and purchase a variety of services. Allied Telesis and Lincor will show how voice, data and IPTV video can be delivered to patients on a pay-per-use basis and sold to hospitals and care facilities. The demonstration will also feature a full range of clinician and patient care services.

Hosted IP Video Surveillance (Axis Communications) – Hosted IP video surveillance is a Web-based OTT video application offering service providers a simple means to deliver physical security services to residential, small business and franchise customers. End users utilize the one-click setup offered with AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS) to connect high-quality yet cost-effective network cameras to any Internet-enabled device with a Web browser, including mobile devices. The solution combines the speed and performance of the Allied Telesis network backbone with Axis Communications’ AVHS capabilities and video monitoring software to view live streaming video while the system archives in high-definition on motion detection. This results in a simple, packaged network surveillance solution requiring minimal administration for service providers.

IP Digital Video Signage (121View) – 121View and Allied Telesis will demonstrate digital signage technology, including viewer recognition and viewership statistical analysis. The technology enables service providers to offer digital messaging to a wide range of applications in order to market broadband network services within industries including retail, education, medical, transportation and municipal governments.

“We see an increasing demand for fiber-to-the-premises, and much of it is focused on a 1 gigabit data speed to the home,” says Steve Klein, network service provider, marketing and business development, Allied Telesis. “Internet content providers like Google, Vudu, Netflix and Hulu, as well as the consumers who purchase devices to access and share Internet video, all need bandwidth and connectivity. Working with Lincor, Axis and 121View, Allied Telesis is leading the way in developing solutions service providers can leverage to help monetize bandwidth, deliver new content to customers and create new revenue streams.”