SPARTANBURG, SC – AFL‘s new SimpleView software supports optical fiber and connector inspection.

Fiber endface contamination is widely recognized as a cause of network performance problems and outages, resulting in costly truck rolls. SimpleView permits technicians to use existing field-issued laptops as fiber inspection systems by plugging in NOYES DFS1 FiberScopes. Such a system provides a 250 µm field of view and 1.0 µm optical resolution, enabling users to detect particles and scratches as small as 0.5 µm.

“Our new AFL SimpleView application enables installers and activation crews to view high-resolution endface images and quickly determine if cleaning is required,” explains Bill Thompson, marketing director at AFL’s Test and Inspection Division. “Documenting the as?built or as?found condition of network connections is now practical, quick and easy.”

SimpleView software, available as a free download, is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems and requires a single USB 1.1 port.