SPARTANBURG, SC – The APM-101/102 Automatic Preparation Machines from AFL are automatic operating and cleaning systems which allow technicians to quickly and efficiently strip, clean and cleave fibers in as little as 18 to 21 seconds. Pair the APM-101 with a FSM-100-series fusion splicer or the APM-102 with the Fujikura 70S fusion splicer. The APM-series ensures consistent high reliability splicing with minimal operator effort.

“The new APM series is a game changer for high volume fiber assembly operations,” commented Brad Hendrix, global specialty market manager for AFL. “The automated process of stripping, cleaning and cleaving the fiber takes away many of the potential failure points associated with a more manual process.”

Continuous Fiber Processing without Substantial Interruption
Both the APM-101 and APM-102 automatically perform all the steps necessary to prepare optical fibers before splicing including; stripping the fiber without noticeably degrading fiber quality, cleaning fiber with alcohol to remove coating residue and cleaving consistently at a right angle to the fiber axis. The efficient operating system allows technicians to continuously process fiber without substantial interruption.

Additionally, the APM-101 and 102 provides an automatic cleaning process to keep vital system components clean without the need for refills to the alcohol-based system. Residue collectors gather debris and glass scraps into separate containers for easy scheduled disposal.

Conveniently designed with the same operating height as Fujikura fusion splicers, technicians will find the APM-101 and 102 to be ergonomic, smooth and efficient while working through the operating process.