If you’re looking for help coordinating a complex network project, differentiating a multifamily property, delivering broadband to unserved or underserved communities, upgrading existing networks with state-of-the-art equipment, meeting customers’ soaring demand for bandwidth, or attracting new businesses to your community, this is the place to start.

The products and services in this guide make deploying networks and services faster, easier and less expensive than ever before. These vendors can help you plan and execute your project.

The 2021 Buyers Guide is for

  • Property owners and developers
  • Telecommunications service providers of all kinds
  • Companies in related industries, such as electric utilities, looking to build broadband networks
  • Municipal officials and advisors
  • Contractors, consultants, integrators and installers
  • Banks and other capital sources

Staff members participating in the production of this section included Irene Prescott and Dennise Argil.


3HV Innovations

800 Gay Street, Suite 2350
Knoxville, TN 37929
P: 865-214-7956
W: http://www.3hv.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Back-Office Software

Fiber Broadband Workforce Management Software

The complexity of managing FTTH work requires specialized processes, from fiber splicing and underground and aerial drops to completing premise installations. Our software has proven to be a valuable asset over the years for organizations installing, managing and maintaining fiber broadband networks. We offer a complete suite of software modules to manage installations, warehouse inventory, asset control, customer satisfaction, quality control and digital marketing.



208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
P: 210-821-4105
Contact: Sophia Schneckloth
E: sophia.schnekloth@att.com
W: att.com/fiberproperties.com

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Voice/Video/Internet Services


Atlantic Engineering Group

P.O. Box 349
Buford, GA 30515
P: 706-654-2298
Contact: Luke Salter
E: lsalter@aeg.cc
W: http://www.aeg.cc

Customers: Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Design/Engineering/Construction

For the past 24 years, Atlantic Engineering Group has exclusively focused on engineering and construction of telecommunications infrastructure. AEG has designed and/or built 100-plus fiber optic networks, including 63 citywide fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) systems with more than 2.5 million homes passed. AEG has the experience and resources required to complete your project safely, on time, on budget, and to the highest quality. Regardless of the geography or density, AEG has the know-how to design and build a system that suits your unique needs. If you are new to this arena, AEG is more than just a contractor. We are your innovator and advocate.


Blue Sky Satellite and Theater Services, LLC

P.O. Box 1011
Little Elm, Texas 75068
P: 972-464-1825
W: http://www.ghostfiber.com
Contact: Brandon Swenson
E: bswenson@ghostfiber.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Hospitality
Products/Services: Voice/Video/Internet Services

GhostFiber, a division of Blue Sky Satellite, brings advanced telecom solutions to connected communities across the South and is expanding. While focusing on multifamily residences, we also provide our portfolio of services wherever you call home sweet home or to your place of business.
From instant-on internet and VoIP services to satellite television and our Concierge Customer program, we consult, construct, implement and manage the portfolio for your community. Our best-in-class portfolio of services offers ease of use and benefits to residents, owners and business/property managers alike. We let our quality speak for itself and offer bundle-free services with no data caps and no term commitments. For more information or to see how you can become a connected community, visit us at GhostFiber.com or call us at 214-613-5098.


Charles Industries LLC

1450 American Way, 20th Floor
Schaumburg, IL, 60173-5492
P: 847-806-6300
F: 847-806-6231
Contact: Brad Wackerlin
E: mktserv@charlesindustries.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity

Charles Industries’ Outdoor Hub Cabinets (OHC) provide fiber distribution to subscribers from a compact, environmentally protected outdoor terminal. The OHC series has been designed with flexibility in mind and supports fusion, pre-terminated and field-terminated feed and drop fibers. These PON enclosures have space for multiple splitters for incremental growth. They may be pad-, pole- or wall-mounted for placement flexibility and are well suited for multiple-dwelling-unit (MDU) distribution in centralized or distributed optical network terminals (ONT). Four cabinet sizes support 288, 436, 576 or 864 subscribers.

OHC are constructed from powder-coated aluminum and feature front- and rear-access doors. Everything about the interior of the OHC is designed with the technician in mind. Multiple cable entry locations are positioned at the bottom of the enclosure, allowing flexible placement of feed and distribution cables. A splice tray basket secures hinged splice trays that are individually accessible without disturbing previously spliced trays.


CHR Solutions

9700 Bissonnet, Suite 2800
Houston, Texas 77036
P: 713-351-5111
W: http://www.chrsolutions.com
Contact: Jason Malmquist
E: info@chrsolutions.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Back-Office Software, Design/Engineering/Construction, Other Managed Services

The importance of a quality broadband network is more critical now than ever before. With remote working, remote education and telehealth becoming the standard, CHR Solutions offers a range of products and services to meet companies’ ever-evolving needs. We specialize in BSS/OSS software business solutions; broadband engineering services, including outside plant and network design; and managed IT and NOC services. Our unique approach ensures our clients are enabled to build and monetize broadband networks that will improve operations and grow revenue.


Clearfield, Inc.

7050 Winnetka Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55428
P: 763-376-6866
W: http://www.seeclearfield.com
Contact: Mickey Smith
E: sales@seeclearfield.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Optical Fiber and Cable

Clearfield is a fiber-to-anywhere company. We set the standard for delivering (on time!) a scalable fiber optic network and unmatched fiber performance while lowering the cost of broadband deployment, whether delivering fiber to the home, multiple-dwelling-unit building (MDU), cell tower or business. Our new FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) 288-Port Wall Box is designed to provide flexible inside plant FTTH connectivity for high-count MDU environments with complete plug-and-play, eliminating the need for splicing.



1100 CommScope Place SE
Hickory, NC 28602
P: 828-324-2200
Contact: Jennifer Alexander
E: jennifer.alexander@commscope.com
W: http://www.Commscope.com

Customers: Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Wireless Broadband Equipment, In-Home Cabling and Networking, Wireline Broadband Equipment, Optical Fiber and Cable, Design/Engineering/Construction, Video Headends

At CommScope, we shape the networks of the future. From designing materials to solving the most complex architecture or bandwidth challenges, our unmatched expertise in copper, fiber, wired and wireless infrastructure underpins the networks of today and makes ready the networks of tomorrow. Enabling 5G, private networks and gigabit speeds everywhere, we’re always anticipating what’s next – to ensure you’re always ahead.


Communications Data Group (CDG)

102 S Duncan Road
Champaign, IL 61822
P: 888-234-4443
Contact: Ryan Travaille
E: info@cdg.ws
W: http://www.cdg.ws

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Back-Office Software

Communications Data Group (CDG) has been providing scalable, accurate billing and operational support solutions for telecommunications carriers and service providers for more than 50 years. Our MBS and BDS-I solutions can help you manage and bill subscriber and enterprise services, as well as BDS, Carrier Ethernet, Interconnect, and CABS. For more information, visit http://www.cdg.ws.


Corning Optical Communications

4200 Corning Place
Charlotte, NC 28216
W: http://www.corning.com/go
Contact: Alyson Moore, Marketing Manager
E: Alyson.Moore@corning.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Wireless Broadband Equipment, Optical Fiber and Cable

Evolv HC Solutions with Pushlok technology are a quarter of the size of conventional preconnectorized products. Evolv HC Terminals are designed to go anywhere – on poles, facades and strands, and in pedestals and handholes. Pushlok connectors are an entirely different hardened connector form factor with a compact, durable, craft-friendly design. Evolv HC Solutions maximize the flexibility and minimize the stress of FTTx deployments.


DISH Fiber

9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112
P: 888-422-3246
W: http://www.dish.com/fiber
E: dishfiber@dish.com

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Voice/Video/Internet Services

DISH Fiber is a game-changing managed Wi-Fi solution for multifamily communities that provides all residents with immediate access to premium gig-enabled Wi-Fi and live streaming TV upon move-in. Residents benefit from personal, secure Wi-Fi networks accessible propertywide and 24 channels of live streaming TV, as well as the option to easily upgrade programming and entertainment equipment at reduced prices. For owners, DISH Fiber provides the opportunity to increase net operating income by offering internet and TV through a fee revenue model that beats traditional revenue sharing every time. DISH Fiber also provides a common network for connecting property-managed smart devices that increase operational efficiency and make units more attractive to residents. Delight your residents and boost your bottom line with a communitywide Wi-Fi and TV solution from one nationwide provider with DISH Fiber. One network, endless possibilities.



630 Lincoln Avenue
Clay Center, Kansas 67432
P: 877-799-3774
W: http://www.espicorp.com
Contact: Ryan Emerson – Director of Sales
E: ryan@espicorp.com

Customers: Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, In-Home Cabling and Networking, Powering Solutions

ESPi understands the problems telcos face in today’s world: managing COVID-19 exposure, managing remote 48V needs where no AC exists, powering 12V ONTs in single units or multiple units, and switching power supplies or backup power. ESPi provides comprehensive on-grid and off-grid power solutions that are easy to install, dependable and reduce truck rolls, saving customers time and money.

ESPi’s Titan outdoor battery backup unit is ideal for protecting customers and employees from COVID-19 exposure. The unit offers unique contact-free installation outside customers’ homes.



12842 Interurban Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98168
P: 866-748-8066
W: http://www.gigabitnow.com/
Contact: Dan Sivils
E: dan@gigabitnow.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Municipalities
Products/Services: Voice/Video/Internet Services, Design/Engineering/Construction, Other Managed Services

GigabitNow offers customized fiber internet solutions for small cities, communities, multiple-dwelling-unit buildings and businesses across the West Coast. GigabitNow is the builder and operator of one of the oldest FTTH networks in the United States, the Highlands Fiber Network in Issaquah, Washington, and an FTTH network for the fabled Sea Ranch community on the California coast. Most recently, GigabitNow was selected as the ISP for Fullerton, California’s FiberCity citywide FTTH deployment and has expanded into the senior living community space by deploying fiber-to-the-unit services to multiple communities in partnership with a West Coast senior living developer.

Focused on delivering networks that are community-owned, GigabitNow consults with individual communities to determine the best approach to meet their needs. It then guides projects from design through construction, service delivery and long-term operation. Once a network is constructed, GigabitNow provides internet services, network management, daily operations, end-user support and billing. GigabitNow delivers fast, reliable internet free from privacy worries or service constraints, providing the very best internet experience and customer support to every customer. GigabitNow, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a division of IsoFusion, one of the largest privately held ISPs in western Washington, established in 1991. Learn more at http://www.gigabitnow.com.


Lindsay Broadband

2-2035 Fisher Dr.
Peterborough, ON,
K9J 6X6 Canada
P: 705-742-1350
E: info@lindsaybb.com
W: http://www.lindsaybb.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops, WISPs, Health Care, Industrial
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Wireless Broadband Equipment, In-Home Cabling and Networking, Wireline Broadband Equipment, Powering Solutions

Lindsay Broadband has been meeting the needs of broadband providers for more than 65 years. We offer technologically advanced end-to-end solutions for RF, optical, powering and business connectivity. Solutions include end-to-end RFoG, fiber deep, GPON/XGS-PON, 1.2 GHz HFC plant (soon
to be 1.8 GHz), in-home networking, MDU solutions, network standby and non-standby powering, CPE UPSs, small-cell and backhaul solutions, HFC gateways, Wi-Fi access points, and many other revenue-generating solutions for business connectivity.



600 Plum Creek Drive
Wadsworth, OH 44281
P: 717-881-9246
W: http://www.maxcell.us
Contact: Melissa Hennigan
E: mhennigan@maxcell.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops, Military
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Optical Fiber and Cable

Plan for the fiber network of tomorrow when building today with MaxCell Edge!

MaxCell, the flexible fabric innerduct, allows increased cable density in a conduit while preserving space for future bandwidth expansion. MaxCell’s unique fabric construction conforms to the cables placed within, greatly reducing wasted space compared with rigid innerduct.

Whether for greenfield or congested conduits, curb to building or ISP, MaxCell flexible fabric innerduct excels in all applications. Available in sizes to fit all conduits, MaxCell adds pathways quickly and is installed easily and cost-effectively.

The bottom line: MaxCell helps you expand broadband capacity today, preserves space for future bandwidth requirements, and reduces total project costs.


Montclair Fiber Optics, Inc.

8705 Montclair Drive, Suite 140
Middleton, WI 53562
P: 608-831-4440
Contact: Keith Thompson
E: kthompson@montclairfiber.com
W: http://www.montclairfiber.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Wireline Broadband Equipment, Optical Fiber and Cable, Video Headends

For next-generation broadband networks, Montclair Fiber Optics offers a complete product solution for transitioning from GPON to XGS-PON and NG-PON2 deployments.

The Coexistence Element (CEx) is a single WDM device to combine current GPON FTTH services with emerging XGS-PON and next-generation NG-PON2 technologies. Additional provisioning wavelengths with the Coexistence Element include radio frequency, point-to-point and OTDR monitoring.

Montclair Fiber Optics offers a flexible platform of Coexistence Element products to fit a specific PON deployment that is most cost-effective to suit your needs – depending on your requirements, each CEx can be fully complemented with all PON services or with only the services requested.

The Wavelength Mux (WM1) is a passive device used to support next-generation PON (NG-PON2) with up to 40 gigabit capacity via four wavelengths (4x10G per port) and advancing to 80 gigabit capacity via eight wavelengths (8x10G per port) in the future. The Wavelength Mux combines and separates the four downstream (L band) and upstream (C band) wavelengths over a single fiber.

Premium optical components and high-quality connectivity ensure superior performance, the lowest loss, and robust network reliability.

Since 1995, Montclair Fiber Optics has been supplying high-quality and cost-effective fiber optic products to the FTTH, telecom, cable operator, and data center markets. Our core line of products include optical splitters, WDMs for FTTH PON, Coexistence Element and Wavelength Mux, CWDM | DWDM |OADM solutions, EDFA optical amplifiers, transceivers, connectivity, and fiber management rack and wall central office and OSP panel products.

To inquire about our full line of fiber optic products, please visit us at http://www.montclairfiber.com or call 608-831-4440.


National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

One Innovation Circle
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367
P: 866-999-6472
W: http://www.nisc.coop
Contact: Cathy Henn
E: cathy.henn@nisc.coop

Customers: Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Back-Office Software

With the NISC User Services System, operating your broadband service offerings at peak efficiency and providing true customer care and support of the internet of things (IoT) is now a reality. This auto configuration server (ACS) management solution is a powerful, hardware-independent, cloud-based tool built to truly enhance your customers’ internet experience and reduce your truck rolls and customer support expense.

With the NISC User Services System, your organization can effectively resolve broadband service interruptions, or even correct them before customers become aware of an issue, by managing the internet gateway and the devices behind it connecting to your broadband service. The critical component to this solution is your customers’ ability to leverage those same tools – view their broadband usage, resolve connectivity issues, manage devices and receive alerts – to help them better understand the services you provide and satisfy their service needs largely on their own.



2100 Northeast Expressway
Norcross, GA 30071
P: 770-798-5555
E: mfortin@ofsoptics.com
W: http://www.ofsoptics.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Optical Fiber and Cable

The OFS InvisiLight Optical Solution enables fast, easy-to-install and almost invisible fiber drop connections for the indoor living unit (InvisiLight ILU) and risers and hallways in multiple-dwelling-unit buildings (InvisiLight MDU). Containing OFS EZ-Bend optical fiber surpassing G.657B3 bending requirements, the InvisiLight system facilitates worry-free bending around the many tight corners typically found in hallways and rooms. MDU fiber deployments pose special challenges to service providers: Cabling must be small enough to meet the aesthetic standards of discriminating customers, and installation must be fast and easy on the many types of commonly used building materials – in all climates. InvisiLight ILU and MDU solutions meet these challenges and make end customers say “wow” with appreciation. This results in higher subscriber acceptance and take rates and faster time-to-revenue for service providers. Contact OFS for more information about these game-changing products.


Power & Tel

200 Keough Dr.
Piperton, TN 38017
P: 901-866-3300
W: http://www.ptsupply.com
Contact: Kelley Hood
E: kelley.hood@ptsupply.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Wireless Broadband Equipment, In-Home Cabling and Networking, Test Equipment, Wireline Broadband Equipment, Back-Office Software, Optical Fiber and Cable, Design/Engineering/Construction, Video Headends

YOU. US. TOGETHER. MAKING COMMUNICATION HAPPEN. The ability to deploy agile systems that constantly connect people and information is key to marketplace strength. Your backbone must be a proven product and solutions partner. For five decades, we have been trusted by communications innovators of all sizes. Our deep industry relationships ensure unfailing access to the products and brands that accelerate innovation. Solving supply chain challenges is our core strength. We go the extra mile to get you the right product, at the right time, every time.


Preformed Line Products

660 Beta Drive
Cleveland, OH 44143
P: 440-461-5200
W: http://www.preformed.com
Contact: Dan Levac
E: dlevac@preformed.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity

Preformed Line Products is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cable anchoring and control hardware systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, and high-speed cross-connect devices. PLP offers innovative product solutions, such as the COYOTE family of fiber optic splice closures, organizers and trays, and the ARMADILLO family of copper splice closures and accessories. The reliability of our full line of fiber optic, copper, demarcation, bonding and strand and cable solutions, combined with our knowledgeable sales team and technical support services, make Preformed Line Products the connection you can count on.


Quantum Fiber

214 E. 24th St.
Vancouver, WA 98663
P: 564-888-2017
Contact: Katie Cooper
E: katie.cooper@lumen.com
W: http://www.q.com/connectedcommunities

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Voice/Video/Internet Services

Born from a strong heritage, Quantum Fiber is a new Lumen Technologies brand that has taken the leap forward into next-generation, fully digital internet solutions. Transforming from CenturyLink Fiber, Quantum Fiber opens up possibilities for builders, developers, and property owners ready to modernize their properties and future builds.

With expertise from Quantum Fiberâ„  Connected Communities, we create long-term partnerships through tailored solutions. Quantum Fiber uses the power of Lumen’s extensive fiber network, infrastructure, and global cyber monitoring to provide exceptional service, reinforcing our promise to deliver internet for what’s now and what’s next.


Siklu Communication Ltd.

43 Hasivim Street
Petach Tikva, Israel
P: +972-54-4371519
W: http://www.siklu.com
Contact: Shiri Butnaru
E: shiri.b@siklu.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Hospitality, Municipalities, WISPs
Products/Services: Wireless Broadband Equipment, Back-Office Software

With the introduction of the MultiHaul TG series of products, Siklu brings to the L2 mesh market the same expertise and technological innovation that made us a leader in the point-to-point E band and point-to-multiband V band market. MultiHaul TG products operate in the widely available and license-exempt 60GHz V band and deliver multi-gigabit throughputs. And now “gigabits for all” is even more of a reality as Siklu’s third generation of multipoint 60 GHz products is fully Terragraph-compliant.

Initiated by Facebook, Terragraph is the gigabit wireless technology designed to meet the growing demand for reliable, high-speed internet access in urban and suburban environments. Siklu has made significant contributions to this initiative and this effort has resulted in innovative products, such as the MultiHaul TG N366 and companion MultiHaul TG TU series.

With the MultiHaul TG series, Siklu is lowering the cost of delivering gigabit wireless access services to homes, businesses and within smart-cities broadband IoT applications. A single unit that provides 360-degree coverage, the N366 provides up to 16 Gbps of capacity. The N366 also features built-in self-backhaul, autonomous L2 network self-healing ability, and the industry’s most-advanced, cloud-based SaaS network design and implementation toolkit.

For more information visit http://www.siklu.com.


Spectrum Community Solutions

400 Atlantic Street, 9th Floor
Stamford, CT 06901
P: 203-705-5608
W: http://spectrumcommunitysolutions.com/
Contact: Christina Sedrak-Soliman

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Voice/Video/Internet Services

Spectrum Community Solutions is dedicated to the multifamily industry. By providing Wi-Fi, TV and voice solutions, we partner with multifamily housing professionals to enable them to exceed their goals and enhance their business. Spectrum Community Solutions gives residents a best-in-class experience by integrating superior entertainment and communications products with dedicated 24/7 customer and technical support. This helps property owners attract and retain more residents and increases property value.

Spectrum Community Solutions delivers fast, reliable Wi-Fi access throughout a property with fiber-wired connection of up to 940 Mbps and a unique package of streaming video services that rewrites the playbook on resident entertainment. That’s providing the best in connectivity and entertainment for off-campus student housing, traditional housing, RV parks, marinas, mobile home/trailer parks and condos. Spectrum has launched internet gigabit to residential customers in most markets, with wired download speeds of up to 940 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 35 Mbps.


Walker and Associates

7129 Old Hwy 52
Welcome, NC 27374
P: 336-731-5246
W: https://walkerfirst.com
Contact: Randy Turner
E: randy.turner@walkerfirst.com

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Fiber and Cable Connectivity, Wireless Broadband Equipment, In-Home Cabling and Networking, Test Equipment, Wireline Broadband Equipment, Optical Fiber and Cable, Design/Engineering/Construction, TAC Services

WalkerFirst TAC supports leading networking and security manufacturers, enabling you to bring your support needs under a single service provider. Our maintenance programs increase operational effectiveness while reducing operating costs by streamlining access to top-caliber, OEM-certified engineers and versatile SLA options. While your staff focuses on running the business, we provide the technical and logistical expertise to keep your network running smoothly.


Wolf Line Construction

130 B Wing Hill Drive
Lexington, SC 29072
P: 803-636-5304
W: http://www.wolflineconst.com
Contact: Colin Garner
E: cgarner@wolflineconst.com

Customers: Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Design/Engineering/Construction

Wolf Line Construction is a licensed utility contractor specializing in the installation of fiber optic cable in the electrical supply space. We provide turnkey solutions and work in direct partnership with our clients to optimize construction efficiencies and complete projects on schedule and under budget. We support our clients’ projects by providing a team of in-house engineers, project managers, quality control specialists and material managers. From design through installation, our electrical construction professionals are prepared to meet whatever challenges may arise and are proud to deliver the best product and service.