ANAHEIM, CA — ZyXEL Communications, a provider of secure broadband networking and connected home products, unveiled a series of 802.11ac Wave 2, Wi-Fi residential gateways (RGs). The VMG4825 and VMG9823 RGs come with bonded VDSL2, carrier-class Wi-Fi and built-in voice ports, and are an ideal platform for service providers to deliver premium services and Gigabit wireless home connectivity. Additionally, ZyXEL’s line of 802.11ac wireless RGs include an AC1600, single line VDSL2 gateway, the VMG3925.

Today’s average digital home has more than 10 connected devices including mobile devices, gaming consoles, streaming TVs and media players. Subscribers are demanding seamless, high speed connectivity in every room and on every device, putting undue strain on network providers.

Fast speed, Increased Range and Stable Performance
“For service providers, full-home Wi-Fi is a pain point and also an opportunity to win subscriber loyalty. ZyXEL’s latest 802.11ac, bonded VDSL2 gateways deliver the goods; packed with carrier-class Wi-Fi technology for fast speed, increased range and stable performance for reliable gigabit home-connectivity,” said Brian Feng, senior vice president, ZyXEL.

The new devices provide the ultimate broadband and home connectivity experience by combining advanced bonded VDSL2 features with carrier-class, dual-band AC2050 Wi-Fi for the most demanding subscribers. Feature highlights include:

  • Bonded VDSL2 with Vectoring: The VMG4825 and VMG9823 support VDSL2 bonding with vectoring up to profile 17a. Vectoring support reduces cross-talk for up to a 150 percent increase in performance and range for operators.
  • Carrier-class Wi-Fi for Seamless Mobility: The VMG4825 and VMG9823 offer dual-band Wi-Fi with performance boosting features that include:
    — Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) and Explicit Beamforming for simultaneous, lag-free streaming and gaming
    — Speeds of up to 1.7Gbps over 5GHz and 300 Mbps over 2.4GHz
    — High powered Wi-Fi on both 5GHz and 2.4GHz APs to extend coverage
    — The ability to create multiple Wi-Fi networks (with up to 4 SSIDs) to help operators easily create separate WLAN networks for video, data and guests
  • Triple-Play Powerhouse Capabilities: The VMG4825 and VMG9823 are built with sophisticated QoS, multicast traffic shaping features like IGMP v1/2/3 snooping and VLAN capabilities for premium video delivery service. The built-in Quantenna 4×4, 802.11ac chip is a top choice among operators for wireless video streaming. Additionally, operators can easily add voice services with the VMG9823’s two FXS VoIP ports.
  • TR-69 Remote Management with TR-181 Support: In addition to TR-69 remote management capability, the VMG4825 and VMG9823 also support the latest TR-181 data model. TR-181 features include:
    — The ability to gather critical Wi-Fi diagnostic information
    — Enhanced service provider visibility inside the subscriber’s Local Area Network (LAN) for improved customer support

ZyXEL’s 11ac series also includes the VMG3925 with single line VDSL and 3×3, AC1600 Wi-Fi for exceptional broadband speeds and home connectivity. High-power Wi-Fi on both bands improves throughput and coverage. With dual-band Wi-Fi operation, the VMG3925 is equivalent to having two access points (APs) in one device for superior Wi-Fi performance throughout a variety of applications including online gaming and video streaming.

The VMG4825 (AC2050 Wi-Fi, Bonded VDSL2 Gateway) and VMG9823 (AC2050 Wi-Fi, Bonded VDSL2 Gateway with Voice) will be available for purchase beginning November 30, 2015. The VMG3925 (AC1600 Wi-Fi, Single line VDSL2 Gateway) is currently available.