SANDPOINT, ID — Further demonstrating its commitment to small but forward-thinking towns, Ting announced plans to bring fiber Internet to the Greater Sandpoint, Idaho, area. The towns of Sandpoint, Dover, Ponderay and Kootenai can now pre-order Ting Internet at

Pre-orders will impact not just when Ting comes to town but where the network build begins as well. This is the initial “demand assessment” phase and it commences just as soon as Ting finishes writing this press release.

Bringing Fast Internet to Small Cities
Assuming sufficient demand for gigabit fiber Internet exists, network construction would begin later in 2016. “Internet speed and infrastructure is an issue that is on the national agenda,” said Elliot Noss, CEO of Ting. “While it’s obviously very important to get major metros connected with fast fiber Internet, Ting Internet is proving that the fastest Internet access available isn’t just for city centers. Smaller cities and towns need faster, more reliable Internet too. Maybe even more so.”

While the issue of outmoded, overburdened and unreliable Internet infrastructure is national, Ting is demonstrating that the solution can be local. “We’re always happy to team up with towns and cities that get it,” said Adam Eisner, director of networks for Ting. “Gigabit fiber is the next generation of Internet access and it will power the next generation of ideas.”

Ting disrupted the mobile industry in 2012 by offering fair pricing, usable interfaces and no-hold, no-transfer, live customer support. Ting Internet started in Charlottesville, Virginia, in early 2015 before expanding to Westminster, Maryland, later that year. In early 2016, Ting Internet began demand generation and assessment in Holly Springs, NC.

Expanding Choice for Consumers
“If there’s one industry that needs Ting perhaps even more than mobile, it’s cable and Internet access,” said Noss. “For too long, people and businesses have had no choice, or at best the illusion of choice, as to who provides them with access. They have been held hostage by contracts and forced under bandwidth caps. We’re changing that.”

Ting Internet installation costs vary by location but are not more than $200 for a home or $400 for an individual business. The Ting Internet Box, which doubles as a high-speed wireless router, costs $199 up front or $9/mo. Ting symmetrical gigabit Internet costs $89/mo. for a home or $139/mo. for a business. There is also a low cost, non-core offering for $19/mo. for 5/5 Mbps service.