DENVER, CO — Sonoma County, California has engaged Magellan Advisors, a broadband and smart city consulting firm, to assist the county in developing a broadband strategic plan. Magellan’s senior team of consultants will work with the County’s Economic Development Board and Access Sonoma Broadband to successfully develop a plan for Sonoma County’s broadband future.

Magellan will analyze the broadband market, providers and service availability throughout the urban and rural areas of the County. Magellan will identify the key issues impeding broadband expansion and policies that could affect broadband expansion throughout Sonoma’s communities, focusing on ways that the County and private operators can work together to incentivize new deployment.

Throughout the process Magellan’s team will engage county and municipal leadership, anchors and the business community to understand the local environment and develop a plan that addresses the cohesive needs of the county as well as its individual communities. Magellan’s will its broadband team and smart city planning to Sonoma County to support the current and future broadband needs of its communities.