NAPERVILLE, IL — Tellabs, a provider of passive optical network (PON) solutions, and system integrator Core Telecom Systems, have teamed to deliver a fiber-based network with faster Internet speeds and better operational efficiencies that is benefiting the city of Shawano, Wis.

Shawano is a community of just over 9,000 residents nestled between the Wolf River and Shawano Lake in Northeastern Wisconsin. Cellcom, a communications provider, serves this community with quad-play services including voice, video, Internet and cellular. Since acquiring the fiber network from the municipality in 2013, Cellcom has scaled the passive optical network to now deliver 10 times faster Internet speeds to Shawano residents than before and gigabit speed data rates to local businesses. Cellcom has also gained operational efficiencies from the increased reliability of the fiber optic plant and the passive optical network equipment management that simplifies the daily administration of delivering telephone, both IP video and RF video, and high-speed internet services all over fiber. Thanks in part to these network improvements, Cellcom has seen a 54 percent increase in internet subscribers and 17 percent increase in total customers over the past three years.

Tellabs Panorama PON Manager
The Tellabs passive optical network provides fiber connectivity to homes, apartments and senior living facilities, as well as the businesses, schools and public service agencies. It is the Tellabs Panorama PON Manager software that is credited with helping Cellcom improve operations with faster network moves, adds and changes. “Tellabs is very pleased that our PON equipment has delivered many years of fast and reliable services to Cellcom’s residential and business customers in Shawano,” said Mike Dagenais, Tellabs president and CEO. “We are encouraged that Cellcom will continue to benefit from the network’s high performance with gigabit speeds and simplified network management that results in the best customer experience for Shawano.”

From the start of the Shawano PON build-out to today, Core Telecom has been a single point of contact providing assessment, consultation and logistics services for Cellcom. Core Telecom introduced Cellcom to a pushable fiber solution, which allows the deployment of enterprise businesses and residential customers more easily, with faster install rate. Additionally, Core Telecom initiated a new PON battery backup solution that provided a more sustainable and smaller footprint for the customers. “At Core Telecom we are proud of the fact that our consultative partner approach to business has benefited Cellcom and the Shawano community by assuring this network operates at the highest level possible,” said Ben Boarman, general manager at Core Telecom.

Cellcom is committed to providing an exceptional solution to meet the voice, video, internet and wireless needs of the Shawano community. Tellabs and Core Telecom have been an integral part of this team tasked with connecting the residents and businesses of northeast Wisconsin. “We applaud Tellabs and Core Telecom unwavering commitment to support Cellcom needs in a consultative manner that best serves our local customers in the Shawano market,” said Bob Webb, VP of fixed operations and technical projects Nsight/Cellcom. “Based on their past performance, Cellcom is committed to Tellabs PON equipment and Core Telecom integration services moving forward.”