FAYETTEVILLE, AR —OzarksGo, a telecommunications subsidiary of Ozarks Electric Cooperative, has selected the Calix AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System and GigaCenters to become the first electric cooperative in the country to deploy NG-PON2. After launching the subsidiary in June of 2016 to bring broadband to its members in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma, OzarksGo has seen great success with its service offering, including all-fiber gigabit Internet, premium television, and telephone services. Now, with NG-PON2, OzarksGo is further surpassing their competition by preparing to offer speeds of up to 40 Gbps in the future and delivering a superior subscriber experience to both residents and businesses.

“Rural America has long suffered from sub-par broadband service due to a lack of investment and commitment, but at OzarksGo, we have a completely different approach focused on delivering reliable and affordable broadband along with an unmatched service experience for our subscribers,” said Randy Klindt, general manager of OzarksGo. “We want to be on the leading edge of broadband technology, as seen by our choice of Calix Cloud, the addition of 804Mesh satellites to our GigaCenter deployments, and now NG-PON2 with the Calix AXOS E7-2. These solutions will ensure that our subscribers will be able to enjoy a superior quality of service to every device in their homes. The sky is the limit for both the OzarksGo network and our subscribers’ experience. We are looking forward to assuring that our rural community has broadband that is unparalleled not only in our market but competitive with any service offered in the world.”

Bringing Fiber-based Broadband to the Ozarks
OzarksGo is in the middle of a multi-year project to bring fiber-based broadband services to all of the Ozarks Electric Cooperative service area, which encompasses 7000 miles of electric line and approximately 74,000 meters. Upon the launch of construction, OzarksGo started building a GPON network powered by the Calix E7-20.

Now with AXOS E7-2 and next generation PON coming to market, OzarksGo will be able to leverage its investment in its existing fiber infrastructure to deliver services over NG-PON2 and GPON. With OzarksGo network that supports coexistence of both technologies on a single fiber network, OzarksGo can take advantage of all of the benefits of NG-PON2. For example, features like separating different services on different wavelengths allow OzarksGo to keep smart grid applications on one wavelength and residential services on another, maximizing security and reliability. Other features like NG-PON2 channel bonding will further differentiate OzarksGO services by enabling symmetrical broadband speeds of up to 40Gbps per subscriber, keeping their subscribers well ahead of their competition.

“As next generation fiber standards like NG-PON2 mature, we are seeing that these transformational technologies are not just for large incumbent service providers, they also bring benefits to fiber innovators of all sizes in both suburban and rural communities,” said Skip Hirvela, Calix vice president of regional sales. “For service providers like OzarksGo, Calix AXOS systems with NG-PON2 allow them to use one network to cost-effectively deliver the services their subscribers are craving while streamlining their operations. The end result is a win-win for all involved. OzarksGo finds new efficiencies in managing their network, while their subscribers get an unmatched broadband experience.”