IRVINE, CA – Omnitron Systems Technology, a provider of data communications and fiber connectivity products, announced the launch of the iConverter Multimode CWDM/X multiplexer. The iConverter Multimode CWDM/X 4 and 8 Channel CWDM Multiplexer and Demultiplexer plug-in modules significantly increase the capacity of multimode fiber networks.

Multimode fiber is typically installed inside buildings or between nearby buildings and facilitates a single data channel. The Multimode CWDM/X multiplexer enables up to eight data channels wavelengths to be transported over multimode fiber.

“Now legacy multimode fiber can support high-bandwidth applications at a much lower cost than installing new single-mode fiber,” said Steve Mood, Omnitron’s CTO. “The Multimode CWDM/X multiplexer adds new data channels to existing multimode fiber installed in corporate LANs, campus networks, and datacenters where regulatory or environmental constraints make it extremely costly or impossible to replace the existing fiber.”

Protocol and Rate Transparent
Multimode CWDM/X multiplexers are protocol and rate transparent, allowing Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SDH/SONET and other services up to 10 Gbps per channel to be transported across the same fiber link. The modules support ITU-T G.694.2 standard CWDM wavelengths between 1470 nm to 1610 nm in 20 nm increments.

As the newest member of the iConverter Multi-Service Platform, the Multimode CWDM/X can be installed in the same chassis with iConverter managed media converters, fiber transponders and Carrier Ethernet demarcation devices. This flexible architecture enables Ethernet and TDM connectivity between existing equipment and CWDM multiplexers without forklift network upgrades. The iConverter CWDM/X multimode modules are passive devices that require no external power, and can be managed with Omnitron’s NetOutlook SNMP management software with the addition of a management module to the iConverter chassis.