MUNICH/NEUBIBERG, GERMANY – Lantiq, a supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies, introduced its new VDSL chipset family, the XWAY VRX300. Gateway designs based on the new chipset can reach data rates of 200 Mbits (two pair bonded) and up to 150 Mbits (vectoring) while supporting an array of home networking features, including integrated Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), Gigabit Ethernet and VoIP.

The new VDSL chipset provides broadband equipment vendors with the flexibility to produce routers and gateways that support advanced carrier services with fewer components than any other available chipset. All ITU-T standard frequency band plans (Profile 8, 12, 17 and 30MHz) are supported from a single hardware CPE design, and systems can be engineered for the widest possible range of customer premises network functionality.

XWAY VRX300 Highlights and Benefits

  • The chipset embodies the Lantiq AnyWAN system architecture, which pairs the company’s advanced XWAY GRX300 Communication Processor with the XWAY VRX318 VDSL Transceiver chip.
  • This ITU-T standard compliant VDSL Vectoring and Pair Bonding chip enables carriers to deliver up to 150 Mbits and 200 Mbits performance, respectively, while PHY Layer Retransmission achieves highest possible media content Quality of Service (QoS).
  • High-performance dual-core CPU combined with Packet Hardware Acceleration architecture achieves industry leading CoreMarkâ„¢ score, with integrated VoIP engine, Gigabit Ethernet switch and Energy Efficient Gigabit Ethernet Phy’s.
  • The embedded carrier-grade 802.11n Wi-Fi subsystem with offloading capability allows minimum load on the main CPU while Lantiq’s powerful and unique Beamforming technology provides longest reach for entire home Wi-Fi coverage independent of the Wi-Fi client used.

“Maximum bandwidth over existing copper infrastructure is a mainstay of service carrier’s network strategies through the mid-term future. We significantly increase the performance in future networks by adding our VRX300 VDSL solution to our already proven AnyWAN concept,” said Dirk Wieberneit, senior vice president and general manager of Lantiq’s customer premises equipment (CPE) business unit. “Lantiq delivers valued system solutions with unique innovations to help our customers to maximize their success. Implementing Lantiq solutions enables customers optimizing development costs and shortening their time-to-market by offering a single base design approach and our Universal Gateway (UGW) Software architecture.”