HOUSTON – Mesh Networks, a provider of bandwidth management services to the MDU and off-campus housing marketplace, announced the first deployment of its bandwidth management tool, NetProphet, to residents of Campus Towers at East Carolina University, a 250-unit Campus Advantage community.

The president of Mesh Networks says, “It is clear that college students are demanding more bandwidth every year, and they must be given a broadband product that meets these increased needs.” NetProphet is an edge solution that controls the bandwidth feeding each MDU community.  The product allows customers to click a button at the ISP’s web portal to increase their broadband speed for a session, or a week or a month at a set price. At Campus Towers, students get a faster pipe that can be boosted to even higher speeds for an additional fee.

“We are continually looking for ways to improve and enhance our residents’ overall satisfaction and living experience,” says Jennifer Cassidy, regional manager of Campus Advantage.  “In today’s ever-connected world, they need reliable and robust Internet connectivity for classes, entertainment and work.

“Residents see a difference,” Cassidy continues.  “NetProphet has given them the broadband experience they want.”