OAKLAND, CA — The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), the newest expansion team in Major League Soccer has deployed a FiberLAN Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) from DZS, a global provider of network access solutions for service provider and enterprise networks, at its 22,000-seat Banc of California Stadium in the heart of Los Angeles. The FiberLAN network supports Banc of California Stadium’s state-of-the-art amenities that make it a sporting and cultural destination unlike any other stadium in the country.

Supporting the Stadium at Maximum Capacity
“The Internet network is the backbone of our vision for this stadium. Our goal was to find a network solution to support the stadium at maximum capacity and beyond. We needed an infrastructure that was flexible and capable to connect to the unique amenities and services we planned to offer,” said Christian Lau, vice president of IT, LAFC. “With a packed stadium full of fans on their mobile devices, and back-of-house system requirements, uptime is critical to the overall experience. We chose FiberLAN based on its future-proof architecture and high bandwidth capabilities.”

To enhance the overall stadium experience, LAFC implemented a number of unique services onsite. The FiberLAN infrastructure supports all of the Internet-enabled amenities at the stadium including:

  • Secure, free broadband WiFi to enable fans to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the stadium.
  • A network-based point of sale (POS) system to process purchases throughout 41 concession, bar and merchandise locations.
  • LAFC’s mobile application that integrates with a digital ticketing system so fans can easily scan their tickets at the entry gates and get to their seats quickly. The application also features a chat bot named Otto for customer service and locating points of interest.
  • More than 400 displays on the IPTV system show LAFC matches, providing fans visibility to the live soccer match from anywhere in the stadium.
  • A robust security system, which includes dozens of high-definition cameras placed throughout the property.

“We have received very positive feedback from fans, as well as accolades from event partners, about our phenomenal network connectivity,” said Lau. “During a typical match, the network only utilizes seven percent of the bandwidth capacity, so we’re able to host much larger events such as concerts without any worry about the network’s capabilities.”

Banc of California Stadium opened in April 2018 and LAFC plans to continue building out its unique service offerings. The FiberLAN network also supports an ancillary building on the stadium’s property called The Fields LA, which provides fans with an upscale dining experience. This area is open to the public and home to the flagship LAFC retail store, as well as other dining and activity amenities, allowing thousands more fans to engage in the ultimate gameday experience, every day. The prime destination sits near the California Science Center, University of Southern California (USC), the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, among other major landmarks.

For more information about FiberLAN from DZS visit http://dasanzhone.com/solutions/passive-optical-lan/