SAN DIEGO, CA and HANOVER, GERMANY — LightPointe Wireless, a manufacturer of outdoor wireless bridges for high capacity data backhaul and video transmission, announced the company’s new AireLink 80 Series of 70 and 80 GHz point to point millimeter wave radios.

The AireLink 80 Series includes a broad selection of antenna options, including an affordable small 8.6 inch version for street level applications in specific markets, a one-foot medium range version, and a two-foot long distance configuration capable of over 6 miles. In addition, the series includes multi-gigabit configurations for fiber-like capacity and transmission speed. The AireLink 80 Series broadens LightPointe’s product portfolio of 80 GHz radios, which is now the most extensive in the industry with the AireBeam 80 Series, and Aire X-Stream 80 Series of Ultra Low Latency wireless bridges. Innovative features of the new radios include LightPointe’s unique Bluetooth street-level monitoring, available real-time full line speed AES encryption, and customizable features via software license upgrades at the time of purchase or anytime in the future.

Connecting Buildings and Towers up to Six Miles Away

The AireLink 80 Series is an affordable and high performance portfolio of 80 GHz wireless bridges, enabling organizations to connect buildings or towers up to six miles away and “cut the cord” on their leased lines, which eliminates recurring monthly fees and can also keep sensitive data within a private network for greatly enhanced cyber security and protection from information theft and eavesdropping. Such radios also serve as a backbone to telecom carriers, enhancing 4G and 5G LTE cellular networks for increased mobile data transmission speeds. The AireLink 80 Series is a flexible and “future proof” line of 80 GHz radios available, thanks to our engineering a unique method of remotely upgrading the units with new features at any time via software license upgrades — thus making the radios a safe, long-term investment as the customer’s network evolves.”

LightPointe has added features that surpass previous generation 70 and 80 GHz radios, such as a first fully integrated street-level remote monitoring feature to aid in installation and performance monitoring and help avoid personnel from having to climb rooftops or towers to access the radios. Each of the new wireless bridges is available with AES 256 encryption for maximum signal security. The AireLink 80 Series also includes the upgradeable feature technology recently introduced in the company’s acclaimed 60 GHz radios, the AireLink 60 Series.