INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Joink, an ISP serving small and mid-sized business clients in Terre Haute, Ind. area, has selected Indiana Fiber Network (IFN), an Indiana statewide network service provider, as one of its middle mile transport providers. According to Cory Childs, IFN enterprise sales manager, middle mile fiber is wholesale data transport specifically targeted at Internet Service Providers, Telecom companies, and cellular companies. “Our fiber transport service provides Joink with diverse protected transport from their Terre Haute data center to multiple communication providers. IFN’s service provider strategy is to provide carrier neutral access for our customers.”

IFN will serve as a primary fiber transport provider to further enable Joink’s wireless Internet, metro fiber, and data center service offerings. According to Josh Zuerner, Joink’s President & CEO/CTO, “As Joink continues to roll out our Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) in Terre Haute; IFN will continue to be an exceptional partner for our regional fiber transport needs. With IFN, Joink has the flexibility to choose various carriers and upstream Internet providers at Henry Street in Indianapolis.”

Future-proofed Transport Bandwidth
Joink’s wireless Internet service covers over 500 square miles in West Central Indiana and East Central Illinois. “Joink has the transport bandwidth to meet client’s demand for future higher Internet bandwidth,” said Rob Ramsey, IFN vice president of business development. “IFN as an upstream Internet provider offers Joink carrier-grade Internet service across protected fiber transport. That enables high-availability Internet for our clients,” said Zuerner.

According to August Zehner, IFN vice president of sales and marketing, Customer Provided Access allows the customer to decide which provider will deliver carrier services to their location. “Joink would be an excellent case study on how IFN provides clients Customer Provided Access to carriers and communication providers. Since IFN has interconnections with all the leading carriers, this provides significant cost savings for the customer,” said Zehner.