AMSTERDAM — Huawei launched the industry’s first smart optical line terminal (OLT) with distributed architecture, the SmartAX MA5800. As the first OLT to integrate distributed architecture, the MA5800 is an advanced OLT for next generation passive optical networks (NG-PON), catering to the demand of carriers for ultra-broadband networks with faster broadband, wider coverage, and smarter connection for an optimal service experience.

In an environment where, with the rise of cloud computing and 4K videos, the demand for higher bandwidth continues to grow, the Huawei MA5800 meets the critical need for user-centric access networks with higher bandwidth and smart service capabilities. It also supports the rapid creation of new network services as fixed broadband increasingly shifts from home access to multi-service access (e.g. enterprise access and Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul), and from simple bandwidth-rental operations to flexible user experience operations.

Leveraging Distributed Architecture
As traditional OLTs utilizing centralized architecture struggle with issues related to bottleneck from limited switching capacity, the MA5800 leverages distributed architecture to avoid this bottleneck and support non-blocking access for high-density 10G-PON, 40G-PON, 100G-PON, and WDM-PON. The MA5800 subrack through distributed architecture can provide 100 Mbps non-blocking bandwidth to 32,000 homes, allowing users to enjoy 4K videos seamlessly. The distributed architecture also supports on-demand performance and capacity expansion helping carriers minimize initial investments.

Both the PON and P2P ports on the MA5800 support fixed mobile convergence (FMC) access including home access, enterprise access, mobile backhaul, and Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul. The MA5800 also supports WDM-PON. WDM-PON can be used to provide multiple symmetrical P2P channels over one fiber line and features high quality of service (QoS) and high service security, which makes the MA5800 suitable for high-speed enterprise and government private line access.

High O&M Efficiency and Low OPEX

The MA5800 also provides SDN-based smart service capability enabling centralized management on massive ONUs of various types to achieve high O&M efficiency and low OPEX. The MA5800 virtualizes OLT resources to support carriers’ smart operations such as differential multi-service operations and bandwidth wholesale to retail service providers (RSPs), thus achieving agile service deployment and providing an optimized service experience.

“Huawei endeavors to improve the end user’s experience and build an intelligent access network with faster broadband, wider coverage, and smarter connection,” said Jeff Wang, president of Huawei’s Access Network Product Line. He added, “The new OLT launched by Huawei, the MA5800, supports the FMC service, provides an optimized smart service experience, and unlocks the potential of ultra-broadband enabling carriers to gain an advantage over their competitors.”

Huawei also launched its experience-oriented SingleFAN 3.0 solution, which redefines access and meets the demand for an ultra-broadband network with faster broadband, wider coverage, and smarter connection. Huawei’s SingleFAN solutions currently serve over one-third of all broadband customers worldwide.