ORLANDO, FL — Furukawa Electric has launched sales of the FITELNINJA NJ001 Fusion Splicer. This hand-held single fiber fusion splicer is ideal for working on LAN and FTTx (Fiber to the home/building/node/curb) connections. As robust as its predecessor the S123C, the FITELNINJA is considerably smaller and lighter offering the operator optimal ease of use, portability and durability.

The ongoing expansion of FTTx networks worldwide calls for affordable, compact and light fusion splicers that are also robust and can safely be used in demanding environments including high, narrow or dark places both inside the home and on construction sites. Furukawa Electric has designed the FITELNINJA in order to meet these requirements.


  • Compact and light weight

    • Size reduction of approximately 40 percent from its predecessor (S123C).

  • Ease of use

    • The splicing chamber has been redesigned; four times more space has been created around the fiber holders, providing enough room for the fingers to facilitate fiber loading.
    • The three LED lamps illuminating the splicing chamber make it easier to work in a dark environment.

  • Durability

    • Shock resistance — The four rubber pads on the corners of the machine increase the shock resistance of the machine. Standard operations could be carried out after being dropped from 76cm on five different angles.
    • Dust & Water resistance — Standard operations could be properly carried out after having conducted IP52 equivalent tests.

  • Easy maintenance

    • The FITELNINJA features the industry’s first detachable V-groove, and retains the tool-less electrode replacement and mirror free alignment system of its predecessor the S123C. These features make it easier to maintain the fusion splicer in an optimal condition.

  • Fast operation

    • Incorporates fast splicing (approximately 13 seconds) with low loss as well as fast heating (approximately 20 seconds) for single fibers.

  • Battery Capacity

    • With its low power consumption, the NJ001 is capable of performing 100 splicing and heating cycles on a single battery charge.

  • Compatibility with Splice-on-Connectors (SOC)

    • The detachable heater clamp aids ease of operation for SOCs heat sleeve shrinking process.