PETACH TIKVAH, ISRAEL — ECI Telecom, a global provider of elastic, next generation network solutions, announced the first three apps in the company’s LightApps suite. LightConnect, LightTime and LightInsight are engineered to enhance, optimize, and expand network performance. They are designed to smoothly integrate with existing, as well as SDN networks. All three apps are available for purchase and delivery through ECI’s sales personnel and partners.

“LightApps offer a strategic way to maximize the potential of current networks by adding better visibility, automation and new service offerings,” said Jimmy Mizrahi, head of ECI’s Portfolio Solutions.

“LightApps are a cornerstone of ECI’s elastic network vision. Elastic networks scale and operate more efficiently by using open, secure and vendor agnostic technology. The goal is to enable ECI clientele to quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving market around them. That means benefiting now from SDN applications on the current installed base as well as on future SDN networks,” said Gali Malkiel, head of ECI’s Software and SDN Applications Line of Business.

The following LightApps are available immediately:

LightConnect is ECI’s bandwidth on demand application for providing dynamic services for bursty applications. LightConnect provides simple APIs for dynamic and fast service activation and can be utilized by either external applications or the OSS itself.

LightTime is an application which enables customers to schedule services in advance. Via an intuitive GUI, LightTime enables service providers to book network resources in advance and know that the allocation will commence as planned. LightTime enables the network to efficiently handle temporary services and shorten new service introduction.

LightInsight, ECI’s network analytics application, offers in-depth insights into network resources and their utilization. By providing a complete, 360-degree view of the network inventory, SLA and health, LightInsight’s resource dashboard significantly improves planning and brings better visibility of network resources and customer SLAs. A full consolidated audit can be performed within hours.

The LightApps application suite offers a powerful SDN solution both when used in combination or stand alone. For example, a company can use the analytics of LightInsight to understand how applications are consuming bandwidth and then use LightConnect to allocate the bandwidth on an as needed basis. The result? LightApps can 1) reduce new service launch time from months to weeks, even days, 2) improve network utilization by up to 60 percent and 3) reduce time spent on routine tasks by up to 20 percent.

ECI’s LightApps suite also includes LightAction, the network programming application, which will offer automated responses to network events. In addition, LightWays, the traffic congestion management application will provide optimal traffic flow by predicting and detecting patterns, then offering the proper relief. Market launch of these apps is expected soon.