PETALUMA, CA — Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems, announced another AXOS innovation as the new 10GE-12 aggregation line card for the AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System was launched, allowing service providers to realize significant capital savings and operational efficiencies over the multi-system and multiple legacy network approach.

Optimizing the Fiber Connection
These new benefits are enabled by reducing service provider reliance on costly edge routers to bring a greater ROI to the access network. With 12 ports of 10G Ethernet on this new line card, service providers can aggregate up to 24 systems at one E7-2 location to create a well-groomed, efficient dense fiber uplink into their services edge. This fiber connection will be optimized, delivering a high concentration of traffic to expensive edge router ports. As a result, less fiber is required in the outside plant, fewer router ports are used, and service providers will see a reduction in network expenses.

“Service providers are always looking for new ways to reduce the costs associated with new FTTH network builds as the fiber and other construction materials are an expensive component of these projects,” said Broadbandtrends principal analyst Teresa Mastrangelo. “At the same time, router ports are a costly necessity for backhaul into the network and have become an even larger expense in recent years as bandwidth usage has grown. Aggregating traffic from multiple systems into a single platform is a more efficient use out of both outside plant fiber and router ports while simplifying operating procedures through reduced complexity; a win-win for service providers that need to gain an edge in the all-important time-to-market race.”

Simplifying Operational Complexity
While the AXOS 10GE-12 aggregation line card delivers significant capital savings, it also brings the operational benefits inherent to the AXOS platform. By utilizing the same software platform as all AXOS systems, including the widely deployed E7-2 AXOS GPON-8 r2 line card, service providers can easily and quickly integrate the new line card into their back office systems. Service providers can also establish both common services and a single method and operating procedure (MOP) for their entire network, simplifying operational complexity and reducing operational costs.

A More Efficient Aggregation Function
“As we partner with service providers to build next generation fiber networks, it’s clear that making the aggregation function more efficient results in key savings for their businesses; shortening their payback period on a fiber network build while freeing investment to win the war for the subscriber,” said Shane Eleniak, Calix senior vice president of platforms. “With AXOS and its hardware independence, we are able to rapidly deliver innovations like the 10GE-12 line card to the AXOS platform, enabling our customers to reap the benefits in record time. This introduction is another step in the evolution of AXOS that reinforces the network savings and operational simplicity that the platform delivers.”