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Facts for Exhibitors and Supporters

I want a tabletop to promote my company. Will I be recognized as a “supporter”?
Yes. A portion of your pooled exhibit fee will help underwrite the expenses of attendees, and your organization will receive recognition for this.

What is the cost of exhibiting on a tabletop in the Hall of States?
For a limited time, you can exhibit for $350 per exhibitor — the cost of one-half of a 6-foot tabletop.

How many exhibitors will share a tabletop?
No more than two, for a total of $700 per 6-foot-tabletop space.

Am I responsible in any way for the payments of other exhibitors?
No. Your space is secured for $350 — and you receive recognition as a 5-Star Supporter.

What if I want to be the sole exhibitor for my table?
Unshared, 6-foot tabletops start at $700, and you are recognized as a 10-Star Supporter. For $1,050, you get an 8-foot-table, plus additional benefits, and become a 15-Star Supporter. For $1,400, you get an 8-foot table, a full array of benefits, and recognition as a 20-Star Supporter.

What recognition do I get for being an exhibitor and supporter of rural broadband?
You receive the signage, advertising and other perks itemized near the end of this document.

What can I put on the tabletop?
You can display a tabletop sign, a laptop-sized screen, and brochures and handouts.

What if I need to display equipment and elaborate signage?
Displays must fit on the tabletop. Otherwise you will need an Exhibit Hall booth for a minimum of $5,000.

How much tabletop space do I get?
For $350, an exhibitor gets a 36-inch by 30-inch space — or half a six-foot table. $700 buys the entire 6-foot tabletop. $1,050 buys an 8-foot table. $1,400 buys an 8-foot-table with added perks.

Who will replenish my handouts and brochures when they run out?
Keeping display material replenished is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

If I am an exhibitor/supporter do I also have to pay to attend the event?
At the $350 level, the fee is $150 for you and $100 for additional attendees from your company. At $700 and above, one registration is included.

What do I get for $150, or for $100 if it’s a second person from my firm?
You are entitled to full attendance at all three days of the Summit, which includes the RTC One-Day Forum on Thursday, April 26. This offer provides three lunches, cocktail receptions on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and all networking breaks.

How do I register? What codes do I use?
To register click here
On the registration page, click the first radio button, for VIP registrations. In the box that opens up, enter your VIP code.
As an exhibitor/supporter, your VIP code for full admission is RTCStates150.

To register additional individuals from your company for $100, call Meredith Terrall at 1-281-342-9655 or email Meredith@bbcmag.com. (To register someone at the regular $200 RTC rate, use VIP Code: RTC200.)

What are the hours for the Hall of States? Where is it?
The Hall of States is located inside the Summit exhibit hall and is accessible during regular exhibit hours: On Tuesday, April 24, hours are 5:00 – 6:30 pm. On Wednesday, April 25, hours are10:30 am – 12:30 pm and 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. On April 26, hours are 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. There will also be a Hall of States networking area in the main foyer to be used during non-exhibit hours, so you will always be able to meet with prospective clients.

May I contribute more than $350 to support the Scholarship Fund?
Yes. All contributions will be gratefully accepted and added to the pool of funds to underwrite attendance by government representatives and community leaders.

Will my company or I receive recognition for an additional donation?
Most definitely, yes. Each $70 increment earns you a star. Your $350 tabletop purchase makes you a 5-Star Supporter.

What are the perks for 5-Star Supporters and above?
(1) A thank-you ad in the Program Guide.
(2) Summit signage.
(3) A Star Supporter Emblem you can use for ads, websites, and print.
(4) Underwriter status noted in Broadband Communities Magazine and on the Summit website.
(5) An ad in the Marketplace section of the magazine (value $900).
(6) Individual recognition in a session during the conference (limited to 10-Star Supporters and above).
(7) An additional Marketplace ad (one additional for 15-Star Supporters; two for 20-Star Supporters).

What if I choose to give more than $350?
You receive an additional Star for every $70, with your level noted in all the signage and advertising listed above. Every additional $350 donation includes an extra Marketplace ad.

What do companies that donate less than $350 receive?
They receive perks (1) thru (4) above — i.e., mention in a thank-you ad in the Program Guide; an emblem; signage; well-publicized underwriter status.

What if companies want to donate to the Scholarship Fund but cannot attend?
We welcome and encourage their donations, small or large. They will receive the perks and recognition above according to their level of contribution.

Can I select an attendee to receive a scholarship?
You can nominate him or her and submit an application. The leadership of the Rural Telecommunications Congress awards the scholarships based on the applications they receive.

What are the dates and locations of the 2012 RTC Forum and Summit?
Summit: April 24 - 26 (M-W).
RTC Forum: Thursday, April 26.
Venue: Intercontinental Dallas, Addison, TX. 18 miles from DFW Airport and 12 miles from Love Field.
See the Broadband Communities website, www.bbcmag.com.

For more information on the Hall of States, scholarships, Summit, RTC Forum:
For assistance: EMAIL: Meredith@bbcmag.com / TEL: 281-342-9655

TO CONTACT THE PRESIDENT OF THE RTC: EMAIL: Galen Updike GUpdike@azdoa.gov / TEL: 602-364-4794


Irene Prescott: EMAIL: irene@bbcmag.com / TEL: 505-867-2668

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